What is UX and how does it affect online store conversions?

UX stands for user experience and refers to the field of user experience research and design in mobile and web apps, as well as in websites and online stores.

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What is user experience design?

UX design is the process of increasing customer satisfaction when using an app or website. This is achieved by improving the functionality and usability of the website and providing an easy-to-use product. It is also important to ensure enjoyable interaction between a user and a product, such as in an online store.

A UX designer is a person who studies needs and finds out what the future user expects. Thus, the UX designer’s job is to provide the user with a product that is intuitive to use. The UX designer analyzes the client’s competitors, review content development, tests implemented features, and collaborates with the UI designer and development team.

  • Interaction design: Interaction is the process of communication between a user and an application or website. From a UX perspective, interaction matters a lot. Inviting a user to take a specific action in the right place is very important for an online store.


  • User experience: A potential buyer, after entering the store’s website, should immediately know which of its elements are interactive and where they are located. It is important that the UX designer not only names the specific object correctly, but also places it in the right place. For example: contact information should be in the page footer, navigation menu on the side or at the top, and the custom panel should be in the upper right corner of the portal, next to the shopping cart. The user should easily navigate between the elements of the online store interface.


  • Information presentation design: Information in the online store must be properly prepared and presented to the user. Content such as product, category or page descriptions must be legible. Unclear content is self-rejecting and can scare users away. You can break large blocks of text into smaller chunks and give them appropriate headings and highlights.


  • Usability testing: Testing the usability of individual elements and functionality in an online store is a very important step in UX design. It may turn out that even a well-planned application is useless, and its operation gives users a lot of trouble. Based on the data obtained using a testing tool, conclusions can be drawn about whether this feature is useful and whether the user can navigate a website without any problems.


  • Copywriting in UX: Copywriting is a very important element in user experience development. Using words in the wrong context can be confusing for the user, which in turn reduces the credibility of the site.
  • Impact of UX on online store conversions:
    Poorly designed UX has a significant impact on the conversion rate of an online store. Even a minor mistake that upsets the user can lead to cart abandonment. Therefore, good UX design is very important.

Conclusion: UX is an extremely important element in any e-commerce business. A well-designed website or application can bring huge profits, and a bad one – losses, which may even end with the closure of an online store.


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