The most common mistakes in website design

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A website can be beautiful and visually impressive, have a nice offer, competitive prices, but it may lack the most important thing, which is conversion. After all, the effectiveness of an online store or any website targeting potential customers does not depend on what the web page looks like, but on how many conversions it brings. Which website design errors contribute the most to a decrease in conversion rates?

  • There is too much content on a website: In some cases, websites have so much information that the form takes precedence over the content. The user reads the following sections, and even if he is interested at first, after a while he feels overwhelmed. This is a major mistake in web design for many businesses who believe that all information is important and that nothing should be left out. It is clear that when someone is running a business, they may have this kind of conviction. However, that is also the role of the UI designer.


  • Adaptation for mobile devices: It seems almost impossible, but it happens over and over again. It’s not even about adapting a website for mobile devices, because that’s what the majority of programmers and designers care about, but also the development of a separate website presentation intended only for smartphones and tablets. Why is this so important? The share of mobile devices in Internet traffic is increasing, so responsive design is not only a trend of the future, but also a must. Sometimes it is worth to give up some of the features that adapt to the desktop web design and focus on the optimization of a website on a mobile device. It is important that users browsing the website through their smartphone have access to all functions and can comfortably achieve their goal, such as buying a product.


  • Outdated website design: The graphic layout needs to be updated or changed regularly. It’s not about changing the design every year, but it would be appropriate to take care of a new project every 3-4 years. Especially as the trends in website development are changing rapidly – simpler CMSs, more efficient templates, and more UI designers are forcing even businesses with a small budget to have effective websites. Although the appearance is not critical, people trust a website that looks like it was recently developed than an old site that looks like it was abandoned 5-6 years ago. A new user interface design is a clear indication that the company is also developing with the website. Therefore, paying attention to the UI design is undoubtedly an important aspect of creating a website.

Conclusion: These above mentioned errors have a direct effect on the fact that the UX phase is now the key point in the construction of a website. Without usability testing, the site may fail. What matters is whether the user can  easily submit a form or buy a product etc. That is why it is necessary to develop web sites in accordance with UX rules and put a website purpose and user experience first!


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