How does thoughtful UX design promote a website

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The good ranking in search results is an effective way to radically increase the number of website visits, which means well-targeted users that are interested in a particular issue, product or service. Therefore, this should mean a fast growth in orders if the offer is attractive. However, some mistakes while creating a website can hinder your success.

This acronym evolves as a user experience and means preparing a website to meet the needs associated with the specific purposes it should serve. The user experience is something to keep in mind if a website optimization is meant to produce the expected results. The usability is one of the ranking factors for Google.

It isn’t enough to formulate general recommendations that usually accompany the work, the result of which is a SEO-optimization. For example, transparency and intuitiveness are very important features, but how you get them should depend on what the user is supposed to do in a given place.The optimization of your website based on UX is an effective way to significantly reduce rejections and abandoned carts. This, in turn, will improve the usability of the website and therefore positively impact the rankings. The website optimization improves the UX, but there are other aspects to consider as well.

As we know, Google evaluates many technical aspects of a website. SEO is about giving it the right structure and navigation, internal links, and the ability to adapt to mobile devices, among other things. All of this, of course, increases the usability and, therefore, the UX, but this issue should be the subject of separate consideration, so that the largest percentage of visits lead to a purchase or request.

Therefore, when optimizing a site, it is necessary to take into account the specific scenario of individual actions. The actions that are executed by the user from the moment the website is opened, for example, until the moment the order is placed. Anything that can become an obstacle for a user should be eliminated at each stage and possible simplifications should be applied. For many, registration is a deterrent and others abandon their baskets when they find out that they are not satisfied with the delivery method at the very end of the ordering process. This procedure, in turn, should be simplified as much as possible. Website Optimization for UX should even include details such as how the internal search engine works – an autocomplete and error detection will certainly make things easier for a client, and this, consecutively, will make it easier to make a profit.


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